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IOR 1.5-8x26 35mm. FFP Mil/Mil Trident. Tactical scope from Valdada. w/ Free Rings. Is a wonderfully robust scope with fantastic glass. Excellent optical performance, great new reticle with Super Bright illumination on the circle and the dot. Excellent visibility on the reticle at 1.5x, very fast target aquisition, makes it an optimal choice. I am looking for information from anyone who has experience with the IOR 1.5-8x26 CQB scope. I am serously considering getting one after looking at other similiar scopes. I have looked at the various 1-4 power compact scopes and decided for the price and size, the 1.5-8 would be a better alternative for my needs

Valdada IOR Tactical Rifle Scope 35mm Tube 1.5-8x 26mm 308 BDC Turret Illuminated CQB-BDC Reticle Matte with Picatinny-Style Rings. Product Family #: 1009760147. Product #: 649358. Manufacturer #: T158x26BDC308. UPC # Quote Reply Topic: The new IOR 1.5-8x26 pics Posted: April/27/2006 at 11:09: IOR's new 1.5-8x26 Tactical 35mm Rifle Scope . Matte finish Illuminated CQB reticle 35mm tube Free IOR 35mm Medium Rings w/ Purchase . koshkin . Members Profile. Send Private Message. Find Members Posts. Add to Buddy List Look no further than the Valdada 1.5-8X26 35mm Tactical. New exposed tactical knobs with zero reset feature. The new Illuminated CQB BDC reticle for the .223 62gr. bullet trajectory takes you out to 800 yds. without hesitation IOR Valdada lists it for $1900, though I've seen other places sell it for $1500. I'll let it go for $1200 flat so you save $300 because I took it out of the box. No tax & shipping to lower 48 is included, so you save even more than an online purchase (at least another $100 savings for you). Insurance is more if you want it - I'll have to. Description. New 1.5-8x26 35mm FFP Mil/Mil Tactical scope - great new addition to our line. Excellent optical performance, great new reticle with Super Bright illumination on the circle and the dot. Excellent visibility on the reticle at 1.5x, very fast target aquisition, makes it an optimal choice for Law Enforcement and 3 gun competition

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  1. I finally got an IOR Valdada 1.5-8x26. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. Inkognito · Registered. Joined Jan 1, 2010 · 179 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 12, 2011. I've been looking at these scopes for over a year..
  2. ated CQB with Capped Turrets on it. I think I'm in love. Holy CRAP was that thing clear & bright. And there was no sight offset at close range (~20 yards) - the bullets went where I put the dot
  3. #IOR #opticstradeProduct mentioned: IOR 1-5 8x26 Trident IL: https://www.optics-trade.eu/en/ior-1-5-8x26-il-trident.htmlFollow us on social media:Facebook: h..
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  5. ated CQB reticle

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PA. Aug 31, 2014. #1. Wanted to list this scope for sale but I'm not really sure what it's worth. IOR Bucuresti 1.5-8x26 CQB Illuminated Tactical Scope with perfect glass. IOR included V-TAC high rings. Made in Romania. No box or manual. In really nice shape with slight wear marks Looking for the best DO-EVERYTHING AR scope??? This may be it! From point blank ranges to 800m, this scope dishes it out without apology. Its top 8X magnif..

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May 30, 2017 - Explore Optics Trade's board IOR 1.5-8x26 IL Trident Rifle Scope on Pinterest. See more ideas about trident, rifle scope, rifle Fii primul care adaugi o recenzie la Luneta 1.5-8×26/IL-IOR Anulează răspunsul Adresa ta de email nu va fi publicată. Câmpurile obligatorii sunt marcate cu Klikkverdi: 0,1 Mrad (1cm pr klikk på 100m) Azimuth (sidejustering) 0,1 Mrad (1cm pr klikk på 100m) Vekt: 670 gra

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Luneta arma vanatoare IOR. Sport, timp liber, arta » Vanatoare. 1 990 lei. Bucuresti, Sectorul 2 12 iun. Salveaza ca favorit IOR Valdada 1-10x26 35mm LTS 2, FFP Mil/Mil Circle-dot X1 with super bright illumination. IOR is at it again! This time they are offering a true 10X zoom r.. It's a IOR 1.5-8x26 Illuminated CQB. This scope kicks butt, it can be used for two eye open close work @ 1.5 and than can be dialed up to 8 for long distance shots. Glass is 100% with some ring marks under the included V-Tac forward QD mount. I will include the warranty paperwork along with the original receipt because it is transferable Specifications. IOR 1.5-8x26 Trident Tactical 35mm Rifle Scope Specifications. Perfect compact scope for CQB applications inside 25 yards and also long range engagements up to 800 yards. New exposed tactical knobs with zero reset feature. New super bright Illuminated CQB BDC reticle for the .223 62 gr. bullet trajectory takes you out to 800.

Amazon.com : 1.5-8x26 35mm SFP TRIDENT TACTICAL 1/4 MOA KNOBS GERMAN 4A DOT SUPER BRIGHT RETICLE : Sports & Outdoor New 1.5-8x26 35mm FFP Mil/Mil Tactical scope - great new addition to our line. Excellent optical performance, great new reticle with Super Bright illumination on the circle and the dot. Excellent visibility on the reticle at 1.5x, very fast target aquisition, makes it an optimal choice for Law Enforcement and 3 gun competition

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Source of Information: Valdada-IOR Optics Ltd. 1.5-8x26 35mm SFP TRIDENT TACTICAL .308 BDC KNOB W/ CQB-X1 SUPERBRIGHT RETICLE. 06.09.2016 / 22:45. 25350. News & Press-Releases. listed by ARMSCOM 27.07.2021 23:30 GMT. 9887. Defense Products and Services. listed by ARMSCOM.

Be the first to review 1.5-8X26 35mm TACTICAL FFP Mil/Mil, CIRCLE DOT-X1 IOR-VALDADA Отказ. Трябва да сте влезли за да оставите ревю. Подобни. Купи Ior 2-12×36 35mm SFP TACTICAL .308 BDC, MP-8 DOT ILLUM RETICLE 2295.00 лв 1.873,70 22 1.5-8x26/IL 1805 52 999 0 2.625,85 23 3-18x42/IL 1805 53 999 0 2.790,53 24 2.5-10x42/H/IL 1805 54 999 0 2.073,98 25 4-14x56/H/IL 1805 55 999 0 2.309,86 26 Eu am o luneta IOR 8x56. E drept ca e fabricata acum mai bine de 10 ani. Ca luneta s-a purtat foarte bine. Obiectiv foarte luminos, vedere excelenta la apus, precizie si.

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De vânzare IJ 27 și lunetă IOR 1,5-8x26. de CALUTUL pe 09 Oct 2020, 15:53. Se vând articolele din titlu cu 1000 de lei IJ-ul și 2000 de lei IOR-ul. Pentru mai multe detalii sunați la numărul de telefon 0733114758 Nicu. CALUTUL I think it is definitely as well made as the other IOR scopes. I have now had some time with the 1.1-4x26 the 1.5-8x26 and this new 1&4x32. I am selling the 1.1-4x26 because it was the third scope of the same model I have got Personnally I have a 1.5-8x26 IOR on my 17 and I have zeroed at 125 with MK319 SOST - this allows me to match the scopes 5.56 / M855 reticle very closely out to 400yds. Also it will depend on what ammunition you are shooting - personally I have found little difference from 5.56 / .223 55gr & 62gr loads but 7.62x51 / .308 different loads.

10x42 Klassik. Police and Military Forces. 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot CC. 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC. 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot. 3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short. 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short. 3-12x54 PM II Ultra Bright. 4-16x56 PM II Ultra Bright I run a March Illuminated 1-10 on my SCAR. It is awesome, but like the IOR Valdada Trident 1.5 8x26 it is out of your price range at about 2K. If you can jump up in price point another amazing option is the 3-24 March F Tactical if you want to reach out a bit furthe

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IOR Valdada 1.5-8x26 Optic *PRICE DROP SOLD for 750Sold my AR so I'm selling my IOR Valdada 1.5-8x26 optic. Comes with rings, factory objective protective cap, and original box. These scopes retail for $1500... PRICE: $850 OBO TRADES CONSIDERED (+/- cash): HK45 Compact Need a compact scope.. Prezentare LUNETA DE ARMA IOR 1.5-8x30/IL. IOR 1.5-8x30/IL este o luneta de arma ce are un reticul iluminat si un diametru al lentilei de 30 mm, fiind una dintre cele mai scurte lunete de arma din clasa sa, de pe piata. Reticulul este asezat in cel de-al doilea plan focal si va ramane neschimbat atunci cand schimbati puterea de marire Forums › Member Classifieds › [WTS] FS IOR Valdada Tactical SFP 1.5-8X26 35mm only 20.8 OZ. Reduced Views : 269 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe May 15, 2020 at 11:02 pm Link Aeromat209Participant MemberUnited StatesAccuracy: 1 Aeromat209 I never mounted this on a rifle was always in the box Illuminated center dot 1 review (1) Compara Camera monoculara cu termoviziune X-Eye E2n Infiray, infrarosu, night vision, frecventa cadre 50 Hz, zoom digital 2x, camp detectare pana la 476 m, autonomie 15 ore, compacta, greutate redusa, impermeabila, 160 x 62 x 62 mm, 320 g, negru/gr

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SOLD IOR 1.5-8x26 illuminated .223 CQB illuminated reticle, .308 BDC, 35mm tube, American Defense Recon mount, rubber objective cap, Valdada rings, original box & papers, excellent condition with outstanding glass, slight finish wear on the tip of the cat tail, $1050.00 shipped & insured. SOLD IOR 1.1-4x26 illuminated CQB reticle, 30mm tube, LaRue SPR-E mount with finish wear on the rail mount. BTW, I called Nightforce as part of this quest and the 1-4 is not available with the NP-R1 or NP-R2 reticle. The 1-4 is available with the FC-2, NP-1 and Close Range Mil Dot. The 2.5 to 10 adds the NP-R2. In order to get the NP-R1 you must go to the 3.5-15. Cactus - any idea on when the 1-4 IOR will be available? Thanks, please keep the posts. IOR 1.5-8x26 35mm Illum. CQBBDC - Valdada IOR 1.5-8x26 35mm Tactical Illuminated CQB ReticleBDC .308 cam & .223 CQB Reticl

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IOR Bucuresti Valdada 1.5-8x26 CQB Illuminated Tactical Scope with perfect glass. IOR included V-TAC high rings. Made in Romania. No box or manual. In really nice shape with just slight wear marks on focus adjustment ring lip and battery compartment cap edge. I did my best taking a photo of the reticle. See photos Valdada Trident 1.5-8. Functions flawlessly and is super clear! Needed more magnification for long range project so I'm reluctantly in need of parting with this high quality optic 1.5-8x26 35mm SFP TRIDENT TACTICAL .308 BDC KNOB W/ CQB-X1 SUPERBRIGHT RETICLE Perfect compact scope for CQB aplications inside 25 yards and also long range engagements up to 8. Valdada scopes feature tier one glass from the ledgendary SCHOTT GLASSWERKE of Germany, etched reticles, steel ball bearings, and our proprietary MC-7 Wide-Band fully-multi-coated process that includes 7 to 11 layers of coatings PER LENS SURFACE. The level of optical quality found in our glass and coating technology, translates into superior.

LUNETA VANTAGE WA 3-12×56 L4A/IR/30MM. Tip: Lunete. Greutate: 669 g. Lungime: 341 mm. Câmp vizual: 14,3 - 3,6 m@100m SS20X42, Mil-Dot, 1/4 MOA Clicks, 15 MOA Rev, Rear Focus Stock# SPL28053. $269.95. Add to Cart . Bushnell 6-24x50 Elite Tactical Rifle Scope DEMO-B . ET6245, Matte, Mil-Dot, 30MM Stock# SPL28036. $599.95. Add to Cart . Vanguard 1-6x24 Endeavor RS VI 30mm Riflescope DEMO-B . Black, Illuminated Dispatch Tactical 556, 1. Police and Military Forces. 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot CC. 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC. 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot. 3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short. 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short. 3-12x54 PM II Ultra Bright. 4-16x56 PM II Ultra Bright. 10x42 PM II Details about Ior Valdada 1.5-8X26 35MM SFP MRAD TACTICAL scope .308 BDC See original listing. Ior Valdada 1.5-8X26 35MM SFP MRAD TACTICAL scope .308 BDC: Condition: New other (see details) Got this scope back from factory. Joined Jan 1, 2010. ·. 179 Posts. #5 · Feb 27, 2011. Re: IOR Valada Scopes. I'm very pleased with the IOR 1.5-8x26 that I recently mounted onto my SIG 556. I think this one is their best scope, but they make a lot of very nice optics. The glass on mine is very clear. I've used it at night and in low light and I'm happy with it

IOR Valdada Tactical - CK for Availability - Inventory Going FAST. IOR Scopes : The IOR Scope is an extremely high quality device: Great Glass, as well as Durable and Quality Construction. VALDADA 4.8-30x56 40mm RECON G-2 FFP Mil/Mil INCLUDES 40mm RINGS and SUNSHADE. Regular price: $3,100.00. Sale price IOR 1,5-8x26/SHX Circle dot/IL FFP MIL MIL. 1,5-8x26 med belyst retikkel. FFP Mil Mil. Produktdetaljer NOK 12 290 . Kjøp. IOR 4-28x50/IL FFP Mil Mil SHX1-68 RECON. Recon 4-28x50 med belyst retikkel. Terminator klasse 40mm RØR gir 35Mrad justering ca 125MO

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IOR Valdada 6-24x56 Tactical 35mm Rifle Scope Matte, Illuminated MP-8 Xtreme X1, 1/p, MIL/MIL, Side Focus. Regular price: $2,295.00. Sale price: $1,995.00. IOR Valdada 6-24x56 35mm TACTICAL FFP MOA/MOA ILLUMINATED MP-8 XTREME X1 SF. Regular price: $2,295.00 Rifle scopes with the best field of view. January 16, 2021. January 16, 2021. by Tom. Field of view (FOV) is the angular range of objects visible in a scope. Wider FOV benefits target acquisition, reacquiring the target after recoil, spotting splash, and tracking moving targets. FOV varies by magnification - doubling magnification cuts FOV in half The PSL (Romanian: Puşcă Semiautomată 7,62 mm cu Lunetă, model 1974, scoped semi-automatic rifle) is a Romanian military designated marksman rifle.It is also called PSL-54C, Romak III, FPK and SSG-97 (Scharfschützengewehr 1997). Though similar in appearance, mission and specifications to the SVD Dragunov, the PSL rifle is mechanically completely different and based on the RPK light. Descriere anunt. De vanzare luneta IOR 2.5-10x56 reticul 4a, iluminat. Lentile clare fara nici o zgarietura. Luneta in stare foarte buna, mici urme pe tub. Are si capace de protectie originale 14 TACTICAL SCOPES CHARACTERISTICS 1.5-8x26 3x25 Model Order code 3x25 roof prism 1805469960 4x24 M1 1805439990 6x30 1805309990 1.5-8x26 180582997 2-12x36 1805769990 Magnification 3x 4x 6x 1.5-8x 2-12X Objective diameter (mm) 25 24 30 26 36 Field of view (degrees) 6 6 4 14.2-2.7 9-1.8 Exit pupil diameter (mm) 8 6 5 9.5-3.25 11.4-3 Eye relief.

German-engineered So Nothing EscapesWhen You Pull The Trigger. Steiner riflescopes utilize the latest German optics technology to deliver the finest lines of gun-mounted optics in the world for global law enforcement and military personnel. Riflescope Selector Learn about our technologies I love the MP-8 Reticle. The target dot in the center is really nice for close fast shots. I have the 2-12x35 on my M1A and shoot out to 1000 yards every month with it. I have a 1.5-8x26 on my 16 barreled AR-15 that you can use with both eyes open similar to a red dot but you still have an 8 power for zooming in on squirels Lunete adaptate mult mai bine cerintelor vanatorului european, in ton cu evolutia opticii de vanatoare. ELITE HUNTING ofera o gama foarte larga de lunete de vanatoare, tactice, de tir, cu magnificatii fixe sau variabile. Gama de lunete porneste de la buget foarte mic si se opreste la preturi mari pe piata. Cu toate acestea, raportul calitate. Luneta de vanatoare tactica IOR Pitbull 1x4x32IL. Noua luneta 1X/4X32 de la IOR ofera un domeniu extrem de larg de aplicabilitate. Permite utilizarea mai usoara cu ambii ochi deschisi si un camp de vedere impresionant. Oferind 1X pentru ambii ochi deschisi, se poate trece rapid la 4X, pentru distante mai lungi Same function as an Elcan just with a ring not a lever 1.3 at 100 was easy out of this on my rifle. Ior 1 piece QD 2 tension screw mount on this thir rubber soft cap on the front as shown. Be advised larue and ADMS mounts do not fit on this as their is not enough tube space. The return to zero is within .35 at 100m with this mount I trust it

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Preturi si oferta de produse din gama luneta cu reticul luminat din toate magazinele online din Romania. Luneta de arma IOR 1-10X26/IL, Luneta de arma IOR 1.5-8X30/IL, Luneta de arma meopta ZD 6-24X56 R IOR Valdada 2-12x32 35mm SF TACTICAL SCOPE ILLUMINATED MP-8 Dot SFP (USA, Canada and other Approved Countries) Brand: IOR Valdada. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Authorized IOR Valdada Dealer - Darn Fine Sho The original 1.5-8x26 35mm tactical scope is one of our most popular models. It featrues our CQB reticule with a .223 BDC scale and bright red illumination. The lowest #1 setting is NVD compatible. Center dot is 1 MOA@100. Our classic tactical turrets adjust in 1/4 MOA clicks @100 and have protective caps 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot. Tactical Shop Sniping SCHMIDT & BENDER 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot. COD PRODUS 682-846-918-B7-B3 BRAND SCHMIDT & BENDER. 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot CC integrează un punct de țintire roșu real cu modul de selectare Close Combat -CC patentat într-o lunetă. Pur și simplu rotiți ajustarea factorului de măririre dincolo de.

Schmidt & Bender PM II 1.5-8x26 ShortDot PANTONE The 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot is the first scope of the ShortDot line with a 34-mm tube. This configuration was selected with the intention of providing a good elevation and side adjustment range even with 8x magnification Re: Luneta goana pt calibre mari. de Tranan pe 23 Mai 2013, 07:28. Bine ai venit pe forum! Daca folosesti luneta numai la goana, nu are rost sa iei 1.5-6x. Nu iti ofera absolut nici un avantaj. Avantajele cu 1-4x, 1-5x, 1-6x sunt urmatoarele: -nu ai nici o magnificatie la 1x, deci nu iti apropie animalul mai mult decat il vezi cu ochiul liber I looked few of the IOR's. I went with the 1.5-8x26 w/ .25 MOA turrets. The 2-12 spartan would be another good call. The drop turret is set for a .308 but it's drops are REAL close a 60-70gr .223. the pitbull was also really nice. The new 1-10x16 was my first choice but at over $2k a little out of my range. Jo

Now I just need to decide between the IOR 1.5-8x26 Tactical and the 2-12 x 32 SF Tactical. I think I'll be calling Scott at Liberty Optics in the morning. You'll be happier with the 2-12, it's only a tiny bit longer, and barely any heavier, and has more power and a better reticle (the 1.5-8x has the CQB reticle IIRC), and since they're both. My IOR Valdata 1.5-8x26 has help up thus far, around 2500 out of the 3K or so I have on my 17. It's built like a Romanian Peasant woman though, thick and heavy. Been dropped a couple of times, has held zero fine, passed the box test last time I zeroed it in for MK319 SOST and figured corrections for 145/147gr FMJs

1.5-8X26 35MM IOR VALDADA TRIDENT FFP MIL/MIL, CIRCLE DOT X1 ILLUM.. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. MAGNIFICATION 1,5-8X OBJECTIVE SIZE 26 MM FIELD OF VIEW (100 YDS.) 89 ft. to18 ft. EXIT PUPIL 3,25- 17,5 MM EYE RELIEF 3.5 INCH DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT -3 to +3 DPT.</p><br><p>RETICLE ADJUSTMENT RANGE 22 MRAD.</p><br><p>CLICK VALUE 0.1 MRAD @ 100 YDS.</p><br><p>TUBE DIAMETER. SCHMIDT & BENDER Precision Hunter 4-16x50mm (30mm Tube) SF Matte (Mil-Dot) First Focal Plane, Includes BDC Turret SCHMIDT & BENDER Police Marksman II 5-25x56 (Limited Edition) FFP (CCW) 1 cm/.1 Mil (Tremor 2 Reticle) (Illuminated) (34mm Tube) (Pantone 7504M

M4Carbine.net Forums. Remember Me? What's New? Forum; FAQ; Forum Actions. Mark Forums Rea VALDADA 4.8-30X56 40mm FFP MIL MIL G2 TACTICAL SCOPE. Brand New. $2,495.00. Buy It Now. +$25.00 shipping. 28 watchers. Watch. IOR Valdada 3.5-18x50 35mm TACTICAL FFP MIL or MOA X-1 Illum. SF DarnFineShot

Lunete de vanatoare. Lunete de vanatoare - disponibile in magazinul nostru Squad Store, din Cluj-Napoca. Prima pagină Arme Vanatoare Lunete de vanatoare. Afișez toate cele 8 rezultate. Mai multe filtre. Produse pe pagina 9 24 36 Valdada IOR 1.5-8x26 MX-6 35mm TRIDENT 1/4 moa .223 SFP CQB ReticuleIOR-1.5-8x26-MX-6-SFPPerfect compact scope for CQB aplications inside 25 yards and also long range engagements up to 800 yards. NEW EXPOSED tactical knobs with zero reset.. IOR-Valdada Tactical King Kong 1 piece mount $ 350.00 Select options. Rings IOR-Valdada SHD King Kong Scope Rings - 35mm $ 195.00 Select options. Rings IOR-Valdada SHD King Kong Scope Rings - 40mm $ 200.00 Select options. Rings Valdada Rex Ninja QD Scope Mount $ 395.00 Select options Luneta vanatoare Conquest V6 1,1-6X24/IR60 ZEISS. Descriere: Odată cu lansarea acestor lunete de ochire, ZEISS stabilește noi standarde în categoria. 7.672,50 Lei 6.905,25 Lei. Vezi oferta pe pescar-expert.ro. -10% VALDADA IOR 1.5-8x26mm (35mm tube) FFP Trident Tactical Matte Illuminated CQB with BDC .308 cam Circle Dot Super Bright (includes rings) Our Price: $1,650.00 . IOR1432CQBIL. IOR11426CQB4A IOR15826CQX